Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Parliament Hill, Ottawa ON Canada

Parliament Hill, Ottawa ON Canada


Mr. Globe Trotter was in the capital of Canada for a quick visit. My friend Averil and I took him to the Parliament Buildings, where our government sits. The tower in the middle of the attached photo is called the Peace Tower.

The people near me show me how to be “caring” by giving a hug when I feel sad, and by volunteering for various causes. They show how to be peaceful by demonstrating respect for other people’s feelings and ideas, even when they don’t agree with them.

In Ottawa, the two main languages are English and French. The area of the city that I live in is called Vanier. It is a distinct French community in the middle of Ottawa, and it used to be a completely separate city, surrounded by the City of Ottawa. A city within a city, with it’s own mayor and library.

We are a very multicultural city, with people from all over the world living here. We also have one of the world’s longest skating rinks, the Rideau Canal. People in Ottawa do a lot of skating in the winter, because it gets really, really cold here. In the summer, we do a lot of hiking and camping in Gatineau Park, which is in Quebec (Canada’s French-speaking province). It is only a 15-minute drive away and is a huge park with lakes, hiking trails, and wild animals like bears, rabbits and foxes. Although we have rabbits and foxes in the main city, too!

We celebrate the major Christian holidays in Canada, Easter and Christmas, and we also take time off in February to celebrate Family Day. Our other holidays are Victoria Day Weekend in May (for Queen Victoria of England), Canada Day (July 1st), Labour Day (the first Monday in September), Thanksgiving (ours is in October), and Remembrance Day (November 11 – it’s like your Memorial Day). We also celebrate New Year’s on December 31st. At the child care centre where I work, we also recognize holidays like Lunar New Year, Persian New Year, Ramadan, and Divali, because we have families that come from so many different countries and cultures.

This region of Canada is known for Poutine: it’s french fries covered with cheese curds and gravy! It’s not very healthy, but it is pretty tasty. More of a “sometimes” food. As a vegetarian, my diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, beans and tofu.

We also produce a lot of maple syrup. My home is within walking distance of North America’s only urban sugar bush – which means that there are buckets attached to the sugar maple trees to collect sap, and the sap is boiled down to make syrup, right in the middle of the city!

I’m sending Mr. Globe Trotter across the “border” into Quebec with my friend Averil!

Bonne voyage, M. Globe Trotter!



Mr. Totter is in Qatar right now, enjoying a local drink called Karak along the Corniche. Karak is basically made from tea, concentrated milk, ginger, and cardamom. The Corniche is like a long boardwalk along the gulf area. People love to walk, run, and play here… especially if  they have kids. Qatar is a very safe country and almost everyone here is nice. There are all kinds of people from all over the world working and living in Qatar so I get to talk to people about their cultures, languages, politics and much more.

They have a local dish here called Makboos. It’s basically a bunch of vegetables and meat cooked together. It’s pretty good but I don’t eat it too often myself.


Next, Mr. Totter will be visiting Jordan. I grew up in Jordan so I’ll send Mr. Totter with a friend.Image

Mr Globetrotter Visits Nigeria

My name is Architect A. Mohammed. I am an architect in Bauchi Nigeria. Here I stand with Mr. Globetrotter in front of one of the buildings I designed. In the subsequent pictures I will take Mr. Globetrotter to visit some Nigerian villages to see how people live their peaceful lives using available resources.


A delicious Nigerian meal of rice, tomato stew and green leaves.


Sometimes municipal water supplies are unreliable in Nigerian villages. The people rely on water from a well such as the one shown below.


Mr. Globetrotter helps someone get water out of that well.


Mr. Globetrotter also helps us do some laundry the old-fashioned way.


Mr. Globetrotter visits a typical Nigerian fireplace where water is boiled – for bathing and other activities.


Mr. Globetrotter also visited a typical chicken coop in a village in Nigeria. the chicken spend their nights in a place like this and then spend the day looking around for food.


Mr. Globetrotter is visited by a lizard. These are harmless animals that live around human habitations in many Nigerian towns and villages and ordinarily feed on insects such as ants.


Mr Globetrotter is shown a typical device for pounding corn into flour. This old device is still used in many African villages.


Mr. Globetrotter at a typical water pot. Pots such as these help to keep water cool – nice for drinking in a hot African climate.


Because of unreliable power supply, many people in Africa still use this old method to press clothing. The ‘iron’ as it is called is heated up by making a fire in it using charcoal.


Mr. Globe Trotter in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

People here in Edmonton are experiencing their average cold, cold winter weather.  There is a lot of snow on the ground and people are constantly outside shovelling.  Neighbours smile and say hello to one another while braving the windy and chilly climate.

 Here I am, in front of the West Edmonton Mall (WEM); the largest shopping mall in North America which boasts an indoor amusement park, ice rink, water park, and even a golf course!  




Mr. Globe Trotter

I am in Mexico City, here children are taking care of nature, they are learning about recycling and seeding and are really conscious about the importance of earth.  Children like to be friends with one other, so they talk with respect and if they don´t agree with something, they let it know with words.  Children are really friendly, they love to play soccer if they are boys, and dance and sing, if they are girls.  Together they play hide and seek, watch tv and play video games.

Our language is Spanish, we like to eat not just tacos and beans, for example, for breakfast we have scramble eggs, some fruit as mango, milk.  We like pasta and rice, salads, meat, chicken, fish, everything! Our food is delicious.

Our traditions are great, by this time we celebrate Posadas, that is linked with Christmas, we break a piñata and sing Christmas songs.





Mr Globetrotter Visits 2C in Brisbane, Australia

Mr Globetrotter has had a wonderful time visiting with the caring and peaceful students of 2C in Kenmore, Brisbane, Australia.

Mr Globetrotter had a great time visiting with 2C!

He spent time in our classroom watching us learn about how toys and games have changed over time in our History unit.

Mr Globetrotter really enjoyed getting to know the students and trying out some of the old-fashioned games with them.

They played “Elastics” (which is also called Chinese Jump Rope), Jacks, London Bridge, Hopscotch, Fruit Salad, Drop the Hanky and Knuckles.


Playing elastics is so much fun!

To celebrate the learning, the students invited along their grandparents to learn even more about toys and games from the past.

The students made museum displays to showcase their learning.


Mr. Globe Trotter has arrived in Penang, Malaysia!

DSC05040 PP (Large)

Welcome Mr. Globe Trotter to the island of Penang! Mr. GT arrived on the 3rd of December 2012 and my family and I brought him around the town to visit a few heritage sites. Penang is a tropical island in Malaysia, we are sandwiched between Thailand in the north and Singapore to the south.

DSC00648 PP (Large)

This is my little daughter Naomi and my wife Lay Kuan with Mr. GT. The painting is on a wall of a building in Penang, and we have many such paintings all over the city to depict the glory of the days gone by. This painting is my favourite as the expressions of the children are really realistic. The painter is Ernest Zacharevic from Lithuania.

DSC00657 PP (Large)

That’s Naomi again with her dad in front of another wall painting. We had to line up a while to get a shot!

DSC00650 PP (Large)

As you can see, Penang was named a UNESCO world heritage site. Mr. GT looks very happy to be here! :)
DSC00652 PP (Large)
In the old days trishaws were one of the means of transportation around the city, and today you can still find many trishaw peddlers around the city. It is much like a tricycle with the peddler behind the passengers, making their way through the busy streets. Mr. GT doesn’t seem to mind riding behind one!

DSC00655 PP (Large)

The people in Malaysia consist mainly of Malays, Chinese and Indians. Each ethnicity brings along their own cultures and religions, hence you can find many mosques, churches and temples all over the country. Everyone learns to accept each other and to live in harmony through understanding each other’s cultures. This stone carving is part of a temple wall in Penang.

DSC00644 PP (Large)

Thanks so much for visiting us, Mr. Globe Trotter, we look forward to seeing and hearing about your adventures all over the world! Until next time… goodbye from Malaysia!


Osaka, Japan

People around me show their caring by saying “your baby is so cute”. This makes me so happy and peaceful. I can be confident to be a good mother.

In my Japanese culture, when the baby is born, the baby will be named seven days later. And a month later, the baby and the baby’s family go to shrine to pray for the baby’s health and happiness in the future.Imagere.