Mr. Globe Trotter  visita el mercado de artesanías , en  la pared hay máscaras hechas de barro, siendo éste un material artesanal   usual en la región . (Figuras hechas de barro)





Paseando entre los puestos del mercado con gran variedad de artesanías( ropa, cerámica, joyería en plata, entre otras).






Huicholes y Coras, son dos grupos indígenas que habitan en la región, Mr. Globe ve como trabajan la artesanía con chaquira, con la que elaboran artículos de joyería ( aretes, pulseras, collares)  y accesoríos como bolsas.




El centro de Bucerías tiene su iglesia, y jardín con un kiosco, donde hay puestos  fijos o ambulantes de comida ( camarones, pescado , tacos, quesadillas, etc.),puestos de nieve, tuba  ( agua que se prepara con la palma de coco)  y  que se antoja  al hacer tanto calor!!





Finalmente Mr. Globe se refresca y descansa en una de las bellas playas de la Bahía, tomando el sol y disfrutando de la naturaleza.


La liberación de tortugas  es una forma de preservar  el cuidado de la fauna marina de los habitantes en los diferentes pueblos de la costa de Bahia de Banderas.


Globe Trotter  hace sus maletas para viajar a la ciudad de México en el Distrito Federal, para conocer más sobre nuestro bello y cultural país…….México!!                   

 Gracias  por tu visita Globe Trotter!!


Bienvenido a Santiago de Chile Mr. Globetrotter!

Mr. Globetrotter recently arrived in Santiago, Chile a long trip from Cleveland all the way to South America!  He is visiting a friend Alex, who is studying abroad at the universities there. When Mr. Globetrotter arrived all the spanish everyone was speaking a bit confusing, but the people in Chile are very nice and welcoming.

Santiago is a very interesting city with a rich history, and is surrounded the beautiful Andes mountains, a view that Mr. Globetrotter definitely enjoyed as you can see there from almost anywhere in the city as you walk from place to place. There are always lots of people in the streets and parks enjoying time together.

While in Chile, Mr. Globetrotter wasn’t exactly on vacation but got to go to classes with Alex and Chilean students, one of his favorites was a class about the native cultures in Chile and how many of these indigenous cultures are still present today. After classes Mr. Globetrotter did have time for some sight seeing around Santiago, one of his favorite stops was the Plaza de Armas, the center of Santiago. Here they spent time enjoying the day and ate yummy Empanadas a Chilean favorite.



Finally as Mr.Globetrotter was getting accustomed to the Spanish, metro system, and warm friendly atmosphere its time for him to go on his next adventure, to London, England to visit a friend studying there. He is excited to compare the lives of students in different places.

Adios Mr. Globetrotter y buena suerte en tus viajes!

Un Abrazo,


Mr. Globe Trotter in Munich, Germany

Mr. Globe Trotter recently arrived in Munich, Germany, the capital city of Bavaria. He’s been exploring the city with his new friends Izzie and Ian, two American kids living in Munich. Today he went to the Rathaus, which is what Germans call City Hall. It’s a really old looking building. Izzie says it looks like a castle.

Munich is a great city. There are lots of other things to see too, and it’s really easy to get around. Even on cold snowy days you can always see lots of people riding their bikes. Riding a bike is one way at people here show how they care for their city. Riding a bike is not only healthy, but is also reduces traffic and keeps yucky greenhouse gasses out of the air.

Before Mr. Globe Trotter goes to his next city he wants to try some of the local food. Pretzels and sausages are very tasty here. And, when the weather is nice it seems like the whole city is sitting in a beer garden eating chicken, smoked fish, and pigs knuckles. Of course many people in the beer garden also drink the famous Munich beer, but Mr. Globe Trotter is not old enough yet. Instead he’s going to try what Izzie and Ian like best. They really like Apfel Schorle which is apple juice mixed with soda water.   


Auf wiedersehen!

Mr Globetrotter visits Toowoomba, Australia

Mr Globetrotter arrived a couple of days ago in my mail here at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba. Mostly he has been resting in my office recovering from jet lag after his long trip across the Pacific Ocean. I understand how he feels because I recently flew the same way home from my visit to the USA. I was in Ohio at one time but did not make it to Cleveland.

Today I took him for a walk around campus, including lunch with some friends and a walk in the Japanese Garden where we took the photograph that is included below. The garden has been developed over the past 20 years and is a beautiful part of the campus that represents the continuing relationship with our sister city, Takatsuki, in Japan. The garden is enjoyed by staff and students of the university who take a walk or eat their lunch in the peaceful surrounds. It is also open to the public and is often used for weddings and family picnics on weekends. The garden is one example of the ways in which people here reach out across cultures to create and enjoy a shared peaceful space.

Like most of Australia, Toowoomba is now a very multicultural place. The university has students and staff from many countries and the front entrance has an avenue of flags from some of the countries who are represented on campus. The city welcomes the students who come from many parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Toowoomba has also welcomed many new settlers from troubled parts of the world, offering them a peaceful life and new opportunities.

The presence of so many people from different parts of the world has made this a much more interesting place to live. We are able to celebrate festivals for many cultures and enjoy a wide variety of foods from different lands. We enjoy Indian and Thai curries, Chinese stir fries, Mexican food, pasta and pizza. All of those are available from local restaurants and the ingredients for cooking them at home can be found in the supermarkets. We also enjoy traditional Australian backyard barbecue and some of us occasionally eat kangaroo meat which can also be bought in the supermarket.

Toowoomba is known as the Garden City and celebrates with an annual Carnival of Flowers in September, which is Spring in our part of the world.

Mr Globetrotter has enjoyed his visit to Toowoomba but will soon be on his way to a new destination.

PS: The name on his back is Angelina Wang.


Mr. Globetrotter Visits Melbourne, Australia!

Mr. Globetrotter jumped out of my letter box this morning and has been touring around the city of Melbourne all day – taking in the sites and getting to know my friends here!

My friends in Melbourne are very caring and have looked after him well. These are some of the nice and caring things they do:

• Eating at a local kitchen in Abbotsford called “Lentils As Anything” where all meals cost a donation which is passed on to people less fortunate than others.

• Here we have a weekly market place – called Camberwell Markets which sells donated clothing and distributes the profits to different Charities.

• Every quarter in the Melbourne Fashion Industry we have a Charity Ball run by the Australian Fashion Guide who auction off donated prizes and provide donations to the selected charity.

• Mr Globetrotter has been able to spend some time with my sister, who has just returned from Papua New Guinea. There she has been building sustainable villages for the locals who do not have clean water or shelters. It is a pleasure to live with her and in our household we try to uphold these same values. Mr Globetrotter got along very well with Greta.

We will miss him when he goes but he is on his way around the world so we must not hold him up!


The First and Second Grade Classroom of Indianapolis Junior Academy


Mr. Globetrotter visited the First and Second Grade Classroom in Indianapolis, IN. We were very excited to have him in our classroom! We are a very diverse classroom with boys and girls from the countries of  Mexico, Peru, Cuba, and Zimbabwe. Mr. Globetrotter enjoyed learning about the different cultures and languages. He even got a chance to taste some enchiladas and rice one day for lunch! They were yummy!

Mr. Globetrotter liked that we are a classroom family even though we may come from different backgrounds. As a classroom family we are careful not to hurt each others feelings and help each other when help is needed. Each day we have jobs to do, Mr. Globetrotter was very helpful with leading the line, dusting and cleaning up after lunch.

We are going to miss our friend when he leaves, but we know he will learn more exciting new things on his next adventure!

Goodbye Mr. Globetrotter have fun and be safe!

The First and Second Graders of IJA


Mr. Globe Trotter arrived in Altdorf ,Switzerland, 7th October 2012

Dear Aislin

Mr. Globe Trotter has arrived in Altdorf ( Alt=Old; -dorf=village) a small village in Switzerland.

The village is located in a deep valley surrounded by isolated snow fields of 3,000m and higher mountain tops which are part of the Alps.

Altdorf is a small town and people know each other and therefore, seem to us, they tend to care more for each other.  In Altdorf, a dialect of German is spoken with strong variation in pronunciation and grammar.  Many people also speak Italian and French which are also national languages of Switzerland.

The climate is about the same as in Cleveland except that we do not know the “Lake-Effect”, which we found very impressive, as we were in Cleveland. The weather condition in Altdorf is a little more moderate compared to Cleveland  as the valley is protected by the high mountains to the east and west side. Quite frequently we experience a Chinook wind (warm falling wind), like you know from the eastern slope of the Rockies, which sometimes is raising the cold winter temperature to 18°C (65F).  This wind makes every Snowman melt away within a few hours.

We eat typical European dishes with influences from Italy and France. The main dish of the day is eaten at lunch and for dinner we have often cheese and bread (different types of 1 to 2 year aged cheeses (so the cliché is true). One of our favorite Sunday dish is sheep with cabbage stew.

The people are very often in the outdoors enjoying the mountains in winter and summer time.

The picture attached shows Mr. Trotter in front of the monument of the national Hero – Wilhelm Tell.  ….Hi from your extended Swiss Family…………  The myth is saying that through his heroic behavior (Switzerland was founded at the end of the 13th century (1291),  a loose confederation of states, which lead to Switzerland as we know today, was formed.  Some say the story of Wilhelm Tell is just a fairytale the other say it’s true.  The second picture shows a snapshot from the mountain around Altdorf we can reach by means of a cable car within 20 min or so.

Today, with all the violence around the globe, it is interesting to note that Switzerland has a long history of armed neutrality —it has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815.

So it’s time to say good-bye to Mr. Globe Trotter and we wish him the best on his trip to ASIA.

Was nice getting Mr. Globe Trotter to know. We hope to hear from his further adventure soon.

Your extended Swiss Family , Baumann