Osaka, Japan

People around me show their caring by saying “your baby is so cute”. This makes me so happy and peaceful. I can be confident to be a good mother.

In my Japanese culture, when the baby is born, the baby will be named seven days later. And a month later, the baby and the baby’s family go to shrine to pray for the baby’s health and happiness in the future.Imagere.  



View from my hotel room of the “Bottle Opener”.


Checking out the Oriental Pearl Tower

Mr. Globe Trotter in China

Hong Kong

How we should “caring” and “peaceful” in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a highly populated city with over 7 million people in a small city, in public transpositions like buses and underground train, it is not difficult to see young people give away their seat to elderlies or disable people. Within the family, even if they are not living together, they would call each other regularly to ask “how are you?”, For Chinese family, it is important for us to get together regularly, especially during Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn Festival… to have a family dinner, just like Christmas in the U.S.

Instead of showing your care only on special occasion like Christmas or Birthday…etc, and bring the person you love an expansive gift or diamond, some people show their caring by bringing box of candy or a piece of chocolate everyday home, or flower or even an apple, this create an everyday “harmony” which is very important in our Chinese culture.

Where there’s is harmony, people would be happy, and by sharing our happiness, our happiness will be doubled and enlarged, and this bring us peacefulness.

Greeting from Hong Kong.


Me and Mr.Clobe Trotter in Hong Kong

Me and Mr.Clobe Trotter in Hong Kong

Hello Aislin, it was a surprise to receive Mr.Globe Trotter from you. I wish you all the best, while being cared by all the people around you, I hope you can also share you happiness and show your caring to each other, doesn’t matter what color they are, man or woman, rich or poor, gay or straight…

Mr Globetrotter visits Perth, Western Australia


Mr Globetrotter has travelled across Australia to the west coast and the city of Perth. Perth is situated on the Indian Ocean and you can see him at Leighton dog beach with his host, Sara Carroll who is a friend of Philip Triolo’s parents.

There are many ways people in Australia show that they care for each other. In this blog, I will tell you how we care for our beaches and the people who visit them.  We are very proud of our beaches which stretch for miles along the coast. The water is clean and blue and the sand is soft and white. Some beaches have good waves for surfing and others have gentle waves, like this beach at Leighton.  Many people use the beach for exercise; they run along the sand and swim long distances along the coast. Some people fish, others surf and some just relax.  In the evening the sun sets into the ocean and people often go to the beach to enjoy a picnic and watch the sun go down.

Every beach has many rubbish bins where people can put their rubbish so that the beaches stay clean for everyone’s enjoyment.  You would call them trash cans but we use a different term in Australia, even though we speak English.  We also have many volunteer groups who take time to plant native grasses and shrubs in the dunes to prevent the sea breezes from blowing the sand away. 

At the major swimming beaches we have teams of life guards who monitor swimmers in case they find themselves in trouble in the water. They place yellow and red flags on the beach to show you the safest part of the beach to swim as sometimes there are rips which are strong currents that can take you out to see.

Dogs are not permitted to visit the popular swimming beaches but we do have special  beaches where dogs are allowed to run around off leash and just have fun.  We live very close to Leighton dog beach which is about 1 mile long. We take our dog, Sundae, to this beach quite often where she loves to play with other dogs and cool down in the water. On summer mornings there may be hundreds of people and dogs at this beach and you need to keep your eye on your dog so they don’t get lost.  Every dog owner has the responsibility of cleaning up their dogs’ mess and special yellow plastic bags are provided on the beach for this purpose.

Mr Globetrotter has enjoyed his stay in Australia and I heard a rumour that he is travelling to Bali tomorrow for a relaxing tropical holiday.