Mr Globe Trotter’s Adventures in Austria


Mr Trotter landed here in Austria after a short trip in Hungary.

The weather is getting nice again, he enjoys the sunshine and blooming flowers everywhere in this historical city. We went to one of the famous landmarks with him, the Vienna Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad in German) which is in the amusement park. People like to help each other and are polite, letting elder people sit on the tram or bus, and people like clean streets and surroundings, especially on the countryside you can see beautifully landscaped gardens.





  • Food: Typical Austrian foods are often times a mix of many surrounding countries, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Germany etc. They usually include meat, a special kind of noodles (Knoedel), cabbage and loads of soups and stews.
  • Language: The official language in Austria is German, there are about 148 dialects, even though this is not a big country with ~8.69 Mio people.
  • Customs: There are a lot of customs that are of religious decent, folks music & dance, maybe you know silent night, holy night – a song that comes from a little village in upper Austria. Austrians often wear traditional clothing such as “lederhosen” for men and “dirndl” for women even nowadays to festive events such as weddings and wine tastings during harvest season. A popular sport is skiing, which is very popular in the winter months.