Life in Germany!

Hallo Freunde! Hello Friends!

Greetings from Deutchland ! I have just recieved Mr Globe Trotter and I’m so very pleased to meet him. My family and I are stationed here on an assignment for the United States Airforce. Life here in Germany is vastly different from life in the U.S.A, where we enjoy multiple cultures and people of different nationalities . Here in Germany where the culture is exclusive ,you may not meet a non German if you do not live near a military installation or a big city. The language spoken here is German ,it is a very difficult language to learn .
This Friday is the Saint Martins day parade, where they celebrate with music , a bond fire ,sugar pretzels for the children and a horse and his rider leads the march through town. All the children make paper lanterns that are lit with tiny tea lights and they join in the parade .
St. Martin was a bishop who saved a homeless man one cold winter night by sharing his cloak. Afterwards he was committed to helping this less fortunate than himself .

Here a there are two very popular foods you can find anywhere , like our pizza or burgers ,they are called Schnitzel and Doner Kebab . The schnitzel is made of fried pork , it usually comes with a sauce and fries ,while the Doner could be chicken or pork ( I only eat the chicken one) and also comes with sauce and fries but can have additional toppings like cheese ,lettuce , and tomato.

There are lots of farmers here as Germans take pride in having great quality food to feed there people . You can dive or walk anywhere and see dozens of cows grazing in the fields . You will also see goats, lamb ,wild turkeys there’s even ostriches one street over ! There’s also tons of horses around too, I have some that live right next door and more on the corner of my street 😊😊

I will try to send you all pictures so you can see life here in Germany !


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