Mr. Totter is in Qatar right now, enjoying a local drink called Karak along the Corniche. Karak is basically made from tea, concentrated milk, ginger, and cardamom. The Corniche is like a long boardwalk along the gulf area. People love to walk, run, and play here… especially if  they have kids. Qatar is a very safe country and almost everyone here is nice. There are all kinds of people from all over the world working and living in Qatar so I get to talk to people about their cultures, languages, politics and much more.

They have a local dish here called Makboos. It’s basically a bunch of vegetables and meat cooked together. It’s pretty good but I don’t eat it too often myself.


Next, Mr. Totter will be visiting Jordan. I grew up in Jordan so I’ll send Mr. Totter with a friend.Image


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