Mr Globetrotter Visits 2C in Brisbane, Australia

Mr Globetrotter has had a wonderful time visiting with the caring and peaceful students of 2C in Kenmore, Brisbane, Australia.

Mr Globetrotter had a great time visiting with 2C!

He spent time in our classroom watching us learn about how toys and games have changed over time in our History unit.

Mr Globetrotter really enjoyed getting to know the students and trying out some of the old-fashioned games with them.

They played “Elastics” (which is also called Chinese Jump Rope), Jacks, London Bridge, Hopscotch, Fruit Salad, Drop the Hanky and Knuckles.


Playing elastics is so much fun!

To celebrate the learning, the students invited along their grandparents to learn even more about toys and games from the past.

The students made museum displays to showcase their learning.



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