Mr. Globe Trotter has arrived in Penang, Malaysia!

DSC05040 PP (Large)

Welcome Mr. Globe Trotter to the island of Penang! Mr. GT arrived on the 3rd of December 2012 and my family and I brought him around the town to visit a few heritage sites. Penang is a tropical island in Malaysia, we are sandwiched between Thailand in the north and Singapore to the south.

DSC00648 PP (Large)

This is my little daughter Naomi and my wife Lay Kuan with Mr. GT. The painting is on a wall of a building in Penang, and we have many such paintings all over the city to depict the glory of the days gone by. This painting is my favourite as the expressions of the children are really realistic. The painter is Ernest Zacharevic from Lithuania.

DSC00657 PP (Large)

That’s Naomi again with her dad in front of another wall painting. We had to line up a while to get a shot!

DSC00650 PP (Large)

As you can see, Penang was named a UNESCO world heritage site. Mr. GT looks very happy to be here! 🙂
DSC00652 PP (Large)
In the old days trishaws were one of the means of transportation around the city, and today you can still find many trishaw peddlers around the city. It is much like a tricycle with the peddler behind the passengers, making their way through the busy streets. Mr. GT doesn’t seem to mind riding behind one!

DSC00655 PP (Large)

The people in Malaysia consist mainly of Malays, Chinese and Indians. Each ethnicity brings along their own cultures and religions, hence you can find many mosques, churches and temples all over the country. Everyone learns to accept each other and to live in harmony through understanding each other’s cultures. This stone carving is part of a temple wall in Penang.

DSC00644 PP (Large)

Thanks so much for visiting us, Mr. Globe Trotter, we look forward to seeing and hearing about your adventures all over the world! Until next time… goodbye from Malaysia!



One thought on “Mr. Globe Trotter has arrived in Penang, Malaysia!

  1. Aloysius, Lay Kuan, and Naomi-chan thank you so much for adding this blog. It is by far amazingly written and gives us such great insight on Malaysian culture. Carmen and I want to learn so much more and will be researching your city over her winter break from school. Ofcourse we will contact you if we have any questions! I still plan to take you up on that offer for an in-person tour of your lovely city. Perhaps one day you’ll get a chance to visit Cleveland and the Campus International School. Carmen and her friends will tour you!

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