Hong Kong

How we should “caring” and “peaceful” in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a highly populated city with over 7 million people in a small city, in public transpositions like buses and underground train, it is not difficult to see young people give away their seat to elderlies or disable people. Within the family, even if they are not living together, they would call each other regularly to ask “how are you?”, For Chinese family, it is important for us to get together regularly, especially during Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn Festival… to have a family dinner, just like Christmas in the U.S.

Instead of showing your care only on special occasion like Christmas or Birthday…etc, and bring the person you love an expansive gift or diamond, some people show their caring by bringing box of candy or a piece of chocolate everyday home, or flower or even an apple, this create an everyday “harmony” which is very important in our Chinese culture.

Where there’s is harmony, people would be happy, and by sharing our happiness, our happiness will be doubled and enlarged, and this bring us peacefulness.

Greeting from Hong Kong.



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