Mr. Globe Trotter in Munich, Germany

Mr. Globe Trotter recently arrived in Munich, Germany, the capital city of Bavaria. He’s been exploring the city with his new friends Izzie and Ian, two American kids living in Munich. Today he went to the Rathaus, which is what Germans call City Hall. It’s a really old looking building. Izzie says it looks like a castle.

Munich is a great city. There are lots of other things to see too, and it’s really easy to get around. Even on cold snowy days you can always see lots of people riding their bikes. Riding a bike is one way at people here show how they care for their city. Riding a bike is not only healthy, but is also reduces traffic and keeps yucky greenhouse gasses out of the air.

Before Mr. Globe Trotter goes to his next city he wants to try some of the local food. Pretzels and sausages are very tasty here. And, when the weather is nice it seems like the whole city is sitting in a beer garden eating chicken, smoked fish, and pigs knuckles. Of course many people in the beer garden also drink the famous Munich beer, but Mr. Globe Trotter is not old enough yet. Instead he’s going to try what Izzie and Ian like best. They really like Apfel Schorle which is apple juice mixed with soda water.   


Auf wiedersehen!


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