Bienvenido a Santiago de Chile Mr. Globetrotter!

Mr. Globetrotter recently arrived in Santiago, Chile a long trip from Cleveland all the way to South America!  He is visiting a friend Alex, who is studying abroad at the universities there. When Mr. Globetrotter arrived all the spanish everyone was speaking a bit confusing, but the people in Chile are very nice and welcoming.

Santiago is a very interesting city with a rich history, and is surrounded the beautiful Andes mountains, a view that Mr. Globetrotter definitely enjoyed as you can see there from almost anywhere in the city as you walk from place to place. There are always lots of people in the streets and parks enjoying time together.

While in Chile, Mr. Globetrotter wasn’t exactly on vacation but got to go to classes with Alex and Chilean students, one of his favorites was a class about the native cultures in Chile and how many of these indigenous cultures are still present today. After classes Mr. Globetrotter did have time for some sight seeing around Santiago, one of his favorite stops was the Plaza de Armas, the center of Santiago. Here they spent time enjoying the day and ate yummy Empanadas a Chilean favorite.



Finally as Mr.Globetrotter was getting accustomed to the Spanish, metro system, and warm friendly atmosphere its time for him to go on his next adventure, to London, England to visit a friend studying there. He is excited to compare the lives of students in different places.

Adios Mr. Globetrotter y buena suerte en tus viajes!

Un Abrazo,



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