Mr. Globetrotter Visits Melbourne, Australia!

Mr. Globetrotter jumped out of my letter box this morning and has been touring around the city of Melbourne all day – taking in the sites and getting to know my friends here!

My friends in Melbourne are very caring and have looked after him well. These are some of the nice and caring things they do:

• Eating at a local kitchen in Abbotsford called “Lentils As Anything” where all meals cost a donation which is passed on to people less fortunate than others.

• Here we have a weekly market place – called Camberwell Markets which sells donated clothing and distributes the profits to different Charities.

• Every quarter in the Melbourne Fashion Industry we have a Charity Ball run by the Australian Fashion Guide who auction off donated prizes and provide donations to the selected charity.

• Mr Globetrotter has been able to spend some time with my sister, who has just returned from Papua New Guinea. There she has been building sustainable villages for the locals who do not have clean water or shelters. It is a pleasure to live with her and in our household we try to uphold these same values. Mr Globetrotter got along very well with Greta.

We will miss him when he goes but he is on his way around the world so we must not hold him up!



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