The First and Second Grade Classroom of Indianapolis Junior Academy


Mr. Globetrotter visited the First and Second Grade Classroom in Indianapolis, IN. We were very excited to have him in our classroom! We are a very diverse classroom with boys and girls from the countries of  Mexico, Peru, Cuba, and Zimbabwe. Mr. Globetrotter enjoyed learning about the different cultures and languages. He even got a chance to taste some enchiladas and rice one day for lunch! They were yummy!

Mr. Globetrotter liked that we are a classroom family even though we may come from different backgrounds. As a classroom family we are careful not to hurt each others feelings and help each other when help is needed. Each day we have jobs to do, Mr. Globetrotter was very helpful with leading the line, dusting and cleaning up after lunch.

We are going to miss our friend when he leaves, but we know he will learn more exciting new things on his next adventure!

Goodbye Mr. Globetrotter have fun and be safe!

The First and Second Graders of IJA



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