Mr. Globetrotter in Dresden, Germany

Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden

Mr. Globetrotter arrived in Hellerau at Heiner and Tanja’s house. Hellerau is a suburb of Dresden, the capital of the state of Saxony in eastern Germany. Berlin and Prague are 2-hours away by car or by train.

People in Saxony enjoy drinking beer especially the local Pilsner and they like to eat hearty meals like Schweinshaxe (pigs knuckle).
(By the way – it is a big myth that germans always eat sausages, brats ect… not true! Similar thing with the ‘german chocolate cake’: There is none of that in germany – some immigrant must have made that up…..)

Dresden is also famous for its Christmas Cake called Dresdner Stollen which has lots of butter, almonds, raisins and candied fruits in it.

The language spoken in Dresden is German with a strong local dialect called Sächsisch which sounds quite funny and is often made fun of by Germans from other areas.

People in our neighbourhood have shown how they care when Heiner had a bad accident with his bicycle and broke his spine. They came by our house with presents and books and movies to watch and were very caring and participating in his recovery.

The center of Dresden was destroyed at the end of world war 2. Every year Neonazis are trying to use the city of Dresden as a stage for their propaganda marches where they carry stupid banners with messages that ignore the Holocaust and messages of hatred and disrespect for other cultures and nationalities through our beautiful city. The people in Dresden are showing how peaceful they are by blocking the streets and the traintracks, therefore making it impossible for neonazis to march through Dresden. We are very proud that this has worked well for the last 2 years and the Neonazis were not able to march through Dresden at all.


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